ACL Injury and Prevention

What is an ACL? The ACL is one of 2 thick ligaments attaching your femur (thighbone) to your tibia (shinbone). Its functions are to stabilize the joint of the knee, prevents your femur from moving forward over your tibia, and prevents hyperextension of the knees. Injuries to this ligament involves a quick or rapid in a change of direction. You see this injury common within sports such as basketball, football, baseball, tennis, soccer etc. How would you prevent an ACL Tear? There are many ways to prevent ACL tear and injury such as working on your balance, stability, agility and change in directions, proper landing mechanisms, and strength. It is also important to perform a proper warm up routine before exercising to get your increase blood flow to your muscles  and increase joint mobility! Be sure to perform each exercise with proper kinematics, land fully before you make any quick moves, and strengthen your hip muscles! A couple of exercises to perform are squats, squat jumps ... read more

Recovery with Marc Pro

Every Triathlete, Marathon runner, Crossfitter, Body Builder, Rock Climber or all around fitness junky has had sore shoulders or sore legs which we call DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) following a big work out. How do you relieve DOMS? You need to move the tissues (muscles and connective tissues) in that sore region. Rather than doing air squats all day following heavy squat and deadlift day, put on the Marc Pro for the needed and required muscles activation with out having to load the joints and look silly at your desk trying to to a million squats and lunges to make yourself less sore. The Marc Pro provides the needed muscle activation to clear the muscle collagen bond tightness, clear the bi-product of your previous days work. The Marc Pro is a  Motor Nerve Stimulation machine. The Marc Pro will have you back into normal healthy movement patterns for the next workout.  

The TPI Screen

The TPI Screen

The TPI screen is a way of evaluating a golfer’s movements and physical capabilities to break down their golf swing into the individual components. This allows us to effectively discover the hows and whys of their swing limitations.  As a TPI certified professional Dr. Bailey uses the screen to break down if your biggest swing characteristics need more practice or if what you’re trying to fix in your bodies ability to perform. Put more simply is your flawed swing a skill issue or a physical limitation? Taking this information we are able to integrate physical therapy modalities, chiropractic adjustments and mobility/stability exercises to get your body moving the way that it needs to to get you hitting further and swinging longer.  Not a golfer? Play tennis or baseball instead? The fundamentals of the TPI screen are discovering how your mobile joints and stable segments interact and can be applied across many activities-Especially rot ... read more

Muscle Knots, Kinks, Trigger Points, Adhesions AKA Issues in the Tissues! Part 1

Let’s start with the basics of movement. Movement is the lengthening and shortening of muscles which will move and change the angle of the joints they cross. To achieve this shortening affect the muscles have to go through a process of sodium and calcium exchange that leads to the muscle contraction. This exchange is not inherently negative. However, this exchange can leave bi-product that builds up in the muscle tissue. Overuse or excessive use (excessive exchange) of any one muscle or groups of muscles can also leave bi-product within the muscle. This excessive use can range from powerlifting in crossfit to endurance running. But it can also come from looking down at your phone (text-neck)and typing on a computer (tennis elbow). The former is a sexier and more fun way to achieve the poor tissue quality. But both can lead to Muscle Knots, Kinks, Trigger Points, Adhesions AKA Issues in the Tissues! These are all imperfections in the muscle tissue. We use a variety of therapies to ... read more

“What is Active Release Technique? I thought you guys were Chiropractors?”

“What is Active Release Technique? I thought you guys were Chiropractors?”   Yes, we are Chiropractors. We treat and diagnose musculoskeletal conditions from sprain and strains to neuropathies. Most people think Chiropractors simply adjust and leave it as is. We have a different approach. The “cracking” sound coming out of the spine is a gaseous release within the fluids of the joints. If the joint at hand is restricted and fixated, an adjustment is a very helpful way to add movement into the area. However, what if the pain is coming from a set of muscles or fascia stuck on some nerves? The adjustment will most likely not help with this. Thankfully, Dr. Leahey and the ART instructors help Chiropractors, PT’s, and CMT’s to learn the specific steps in properly releasing muscles and fascia from those impinged and inflamed nerves. All of our Chiropractors here at Premier Health Chiropractic are Active Release Techniques certified. This means that ... read more

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