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Heat application is an effective therapy in pain relief.  Because heat promotes inflammation it is most beneficial for the later stages of treatment after the initial swelling has subsided.  It is a conservative approach to relieve pain and bring new inflammation to the area to aid in healing. There are multiple types of heat that can be applied to speed up your recovery:    Superficial heat can be performed at home and in office.  It is known for its ability to relax the muscles, improve blood flow, and sedate nerve endings providing relief of pain.  Examples of superficial heat are hot packs, hot towels, infrared lamps, electric blankets, a sauna or steam bath, and many more.  They are called superficial because they only heat the outermost layer of the tissue. The recommended treatment time for superficial heat application is 20-30 minutes to obtain maximum benefit.    Deep heat is usually performed by a trusted healthcare professiona ... read more

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