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Golf Posture. The slumpy C -Posture.

Golf Posture. The slumpy C -Posture.

What about C-Posture??   Well if S-Posture is all about what’s going on with the lower back and hips at setup then C-Posture is all about what happens in the upper back and shoulders. C-Posture describes a setup position where the back is overly rounded and the shoulders are slumped forward resulting in a body position that looks like a “C” and is adopted by about 33% of golfers.   Just like S-Curve postures have a underlying muscle imbalance called Lower Cross Syndrome, C-Posture is commonly related to an imbalance referred to as Upper Cross Syndrome. In Upper cross we see a relationship between overly activated/tight pecs, lats, and upper traps (among several others) along with weak neck flexors, serratus anterior and lower traps. All of this results in a spinal posture that limits your ability rotate your torso which dramatically inhibits a fluid, full range backswing. So how do we correct this? Starting with focused drills on improvi ... read more

Swimmers Shoulder

In a nut shell swimmers shoulder is damage to the shoulder capsule. This can be the muscular capsule (Rotator cuff muscles or tendons) or the joint capsule (glenohumeral ligaments or labrum). Swimmers shoulder can also be acquired from volleyball, baseball, softball, benchpress or any other overhead activity. Often times this condition is acquired from overuse or repetitive use. Proper management of activity is required. You can also benefit from proper approaches of shoulder health to include thoracic mobility,  scapular musculature strength, and rotator cuff strength. This is a very manageable condition with a proper management plan from your musculoskeletal health professional. 

Chiropractic Care for Arthritis!

  What is Arthritis and what causes it? Arthritis is When the cartilage, the cushioning surface on the ends of bones, wears away causing the bone to rub against bone, which will subsequently cause swelling and stiffness. Throughout time, our cartilage between joints will deteriorate and arthritis is inevitable to happening. However, there are many ways decrease and limit the process of this condition from happening.   Chiropractic can benefit osteoarthritis in many ways! Chiropractic promotes movement within the joints that can have a huge benefit for osteoarthritis patients. Each specific adjustment not only improves joint movement, but it also stimulates the muscles to improve its strengths and functions surrounding that joint! Want to learn more? Contact our office today and we would be happy to provide more information on affects of chiropractic treatments

Importance of Thoracic Spine Mobility

Importance of Thoracic Spine Mobility

Importance of Thoracic Spine Mobility   Feeling stiff when you are throwing a ball? Can't bring your arm back behind your head? Having trouble turning your body side to side? These are common symptoms an individual has when their thoracic spine is immobile. Decrease in thoracic spine mobility and poor posture can lead to improper and restricted movements in sports such as  swimming, golfing, kayaking, tennis players or any other sport that requires good thoracic extension or rotation.     How can chiropractic Help? Chiropractic increases the movement of the spine! We create and help mobilize each joint of the human body, the spine specifically. With an adjustment to the thoracic spine, we increase mobility of the spine, improve muscle functions, and improve posture. We also provide certain exercises that will help with mobility of the thoracic spine such as foam rolling, thoracic extensions, postural exercises, and muscle streng ... read more

Golf Posture. The S-Curve epidemic.

Golf Posture. The S-Curve epidemic.

  Ever finish round and feel that lingering tightness through your lower back? How about making it half way through a round of 18 and starting to feel that sharp discomfort during your swing? If you’ve experienced something like either of these then your problem may have a foundation on your setup posture.  The S-Curve posture refers to a setup posture adopted by 25% of golfers characterized by overextending the low back (too much arch) and increases the workload of the low back muscles while also turning off the core muscles. This combination will commonly result in a loss of posture throughout the swing including adaptation of what is referred to as Reverse Spine Angle (one of the leading causes of golf related low back pain).  What causes S-Curve Posture? The most common physical cause of this posture is what we commonly refer to as Lower Cross Syndrome. Lower Cross is simply put a description of muscle imbalances (overly tight hip flexors and low bac ... read more

ACL Injury and Prevention

What is an ACL? The ACL is one of 2 thick ligaments attaching your femur (thighbone) to your tibia (shinbone). Its functions are to stabilize the joint of the knee, prevents your femur from moving forward over your tibia, and prevents hyperextension of the knees. Injuries to this ligament involves a quick or rapid in a change of direction. You see this injury common within sports such as basketball, football, baseball, tennis, soccer etc. How would you prevent an ACL Tear? There are many ways to prevent ACL tear and injury such as working on your balance, stability, agility and change in directions, proper landing mechanisms, and strength. It is also important to perform a proper warm up routine before exercising to get your increase blood flow to your muscles  and increase joint mobility! Be sure to perform each exercise with proper kinematics, land fully before you make any quick moves, and strengthen your hip muscles! A couple of exercises to perform are squats, squat jumps ... read more

Recovery with Marc Pro

Every Triathlete, Marathon runner, Crossfitter, Body Builder, Rock Climber or all around fitness junky has had sore shoulders or sore legs which we call DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) following a big work out. How do you relieve DOMS? You need to move the tissues (muscles and connective tissues) in that sore region. Rather than doing air squats all day following heavy squat and deadlift day, put on the Marc Pro for the needed and required muscles activation with out having to load the joints and look silly at your desk trying to to a million squats and lunges to make yourself less sore. The Marc Pro provides the needed muscle activation to clear the muscle collagen bond tightness, clear the bi-product of your previous days work. The Marc Pro is a  Motor Nerve Stimulation machine. The Marc Pro will have you back into normal healthy movement patterns for the next workout.  

Muscle Knots, Kinks, Trigger Points, Adhesions AKA Issues in the Tissues! Part 1

Let’s start with the basics of movement. Movement is the lengthening and shortening of muscles which will move and change the angle of the joints they cross. To achieve this shortening affect the muscles have to go through a process of sodium and calcium exchange that leads to the muscle contraction. This exchange is not inherently negative. However, this exchange can leave bi-product that builds up in the muscle tissue. Overuse or excessive use (excessive exchange) of any one muscle or groups of muscles can also leave bi-product within the muscle. This excessive use can range from powerlifting in crossfit to endurance running. But it can also come from looking down at your phone (text-neck)and typing on a computer (tennis elbow). The former is a sexier and more fun way to achieve the poor tissue quality. But both can lead to Muscle Knots, Kinks, Trigger Points, Adhesions AKA Issues in the Tissues! These are all imperfections in the muscle tissue. We use a variety of therapies to ... read more

“What is Active Release Technique? I thought you guys were Chiropractors?”

“What is Active Release Technique? I thought you guys were Chiropractors?”   Yes, we are Chiropractors. We treat and diagnose musculoskeletal conditions from sprain and strains to neuropathies. Most people think Chiropractors simply adjust and leave it as is. We have a different approach. The “cracking” sound coming out of the spine is a gaseous release within the fluids of the joints. If the joint at hand is restricted and fixated, an adjustment is a very helpful way to add movement into the area. However, what if the pain is coming from a set of muscles or fascia stuck on some nerves? The adjustment will most likely not help with this. Thankfully, Dr. Leahey and the ART instructors help Chiropractors, PT’s, and CMT’s to learn the specific steps in properly releasing muscles and fascia from those impinged and inflamed nerves. All of our Chiropractors here at Premier Health Chiropractic are Active Release Techniques certified. This means that ... read more

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