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Cryotherapy is an effective anti-inflammatory treatment that contributes to overall health and  wellness.  Providing immediate pain relief, it is a conservative form of care that can be performed both  in office and at home.  Cryotherapy can range from application of an ice pack on an inflamed area to  full submersion in an ice bath or cryo-chamber.  It has maximum benefit during the acute phase of care  in reducing pain, inflammation, and elasticity of the tissues.  Cryotherapy can benefit most people but  should not be used in those with ... read more

Importance of Thoracic Spine Mobility

Importance of Thoracic Spine Mobility

Importance of Thoracic Spine Mobility   Feeling stiff when you are throwing a ball? Can't bring your arm back behind your head? Having trouble turning your body side to side? These are common symptoms an individual has when their thoracic spine is immobile. Decrease in thoracic spine mobility and poor posture can lead to improper and restricted movements in sports such as  swimming, golfing, kayaking, tennis players or any other sport that requires good thoracic extension or rotation.     How can chiropractic Help? Chiropractic increases the movement of the spine! We create and help mobilize each joint of the human body, the spine specifically. With an adjustment to the thoracic spine, we increase mobility of the spine, improve muscle functions, and improve posture. We also provide certain exercises that will help with mobility of the thoracic spine such as foam rolling, thoracic extensions, postural exercises, and muscle streng ... read more

Recovery with Marc Pro

Every Triathlete, Marathon runner, Crossfitter, Body Builder, Rock Climber or all around fitness junky has had sore shoulders or sore legs which we call DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) following a big work out. How do you relieve DOMS? You need to move the tissues (muscles and connective tissues) in that sore region. Rather than doing air squats all day following heavy squat and deadlift day, put on the Marc Pro for the needed and required muscles activation with out having to load the joints and look silly at your desk trying to to a million squats and lunges to make yourself less sore. The Marc Pro provides the needed muscle activation to clear the muscle collagen bond tightness, clear the bi-product of your previous days work. The Marc Pro is a  Motor Nerve Stimulation machine. The Marc Pro will have you back into normal healthy movement patterns for the next workout.  

Muscle Knots, Kinks, Trigger Points, Adhesions AKA Issues in the Tissues! Part 1

Let’s start with the basics of movement. Movement is the lengthening and shortening of muscles which will move and change the angle of the joints they cross. To achieve this shortening affect the muscles have to go through a process of sodium and calcium exchange that leads to the muscle contraction. This exchange is not inherently negative. However, this exchange can leave bi-product that builds up in the muscle tissue. Overuse or excessive use (excessive exchange) of any one muscle or groups of muscles can also leave bi-product within the muscle. This excessive use can range from powerlifting in crossfit to endurance running. But it can also come from looking down at your phone (text-neck)and typing on a computer (tennis elbow). The former is a sexier and more fun way to achieve the poor tissue quality. But both can lead to Muscle Knots, Kinks, Trigger Points, Adhesions AKA Issues in the Tissues! These are all imperfections in the muscle tissue. We use a variety of therapies to ... read more

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