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Our San Francisco chiropractors at Premier Chiropractic know the importance of a strong healthy posture. We also understand how difficult it is to achieve this in today's society. Here is a resource for you to use to get yourself strong and healthy for the short term and long term benefits of your body.

Assessing your posture

Let's start by taking a look at your individual posture and assessing where we may need to add some strength or add in some stretches.

Using our PostureScreen software we take an in-depth analysis of your body and curtail your care to what we see. You can even do this appointment from home.

Next, book a telehealth posture analysis. Have a consultation with one of our doctors, and send in pictures of yourself straight on or from the side.

Following your analysis, we will follow up with you to go over your screen and prescribe you some personalized exercises based on what we think will help.  Using our WebExercises software we can customize a exercises plan that specific to the strength or stretches your body needs.

Book your ergonomics and Exercise appointment here.


Here are some of our favorite videos to help with your posture.

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