Chiropractor San Francisco CA Dr. Nick Cruze Explaining Spine

At our chiropractic clinic in San Francisco CA and Walnut Creek CA we understand that many of our new patients have questions about what we do. Please take a look at this article if you are looking to learn more about chiropractic care.


1. Does your office treat...?

This is one of the most common joints we help rellieve in our athletes and office workers. This mobile joint is one of the most movable and therefore one of the most prone to complication or deterioration. This joint needs to be capable of moving through its full range of motion as well as needs to posses the strength required for your daily routine. Whether you are a competitive swimmer or an office worker, your shoulder needs to be properly managed with the right mobility and stability. We have some great techniques for accomplishing both of these and putting your shoulder health in your own hands.

Postural Discomfort
Posture related discomfort is something our office helps many people with. Postural syndrome is a very preventable and manageable condition. The first step is determine if it is in fact a posturally related issue and then together you and the doctor will team up to create a management plan to:

1. Release the tight tissues from your daily posture or tight tissues from overuse.
2. Strengthen the weak or under used muscles. Here is an example of the At-Home approach we use.

Knee Pain, Hip Pain
Whether it is "Runners Knee", or an old injury coming back to remind you that its still there, this stable and simple KNEE joint is one we help people with often. The knee joint requires the proper Strength of the HIP muscles crossing the joint i.e., Quads & Hamstrings as well as proper mobility or movement in the muscles of the joint preceding the knee ie Glutes, Piriformis, Hip Flexor Muscles. This is a very manageable joint. We would love to help get your knee and hips in better shape for whatever level of activity you put them through.

Sciatica is a reference to pain stemming from your Sciatic nerve. This can be caused by interference of the nerve by the Nerve Roots at the Spinal Joints or by the muscles that this very long nerve comes in contact with as it makes its way down your leg. The first step is identifying which of the options are the mechanism for symptoms. Next you work with the doctor to relieve or reduce the interference with this nerve which will lead to reduction of the frequency and severity of your symptoms. Lastly, you will put together a management plan with your doctor to make sure this discomfort does not come back.

2. Why exercise therapy?

We believe that exercise therapy is an essential part of the healing process. At Premier Health we believe at educating and empowering our patients in order to expedite the healing process and prevent future injuries.

Exercises to strengthen your neck and improve posture.

3. So What Is An Adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment is a form of therapy involving a focused, low force thrust through a joint space aimed at restoring normal movement and function.

4. Will treatment be painful?

Adjustments are not painful and the intention of care is never to have other types of therapy be painful either. Some patients describe parts of our care, deep tissue work for example, as discomfort or a "hurts so good" type of feeling but any level of this should and will feel like its in a healthy way and the doctor will work with you to reach a level of treatment that is within your personal tolerance level.

5. How safe is Chiropractic?

Our treatments are very safe. As with any form of therapy there can be certain associated risks of care but statically speaking the treatments we employ are among the safest available for their conditions and our doctors work diligently to properly examine all patients to ensure the highest degree of effective and safe care.

6. Will I have to be adjusted?

Not necessarily. While the adjustment is a core part of our treatment of many conditions not all of our patients receive one every time they visit. We focus on advocating for what we believe is the most effective route for your recovery and good health as well as what you're comfortable doing during any given appointment. Sometimes that may be something adjustment based, other times more soft tissue focused or something driven by physical therapy modalities.

7. When Will I Start To Get Better?

The length of time it takes to bring someone back from an injury can vary greatly depending on the type of injury and its severity (a recent mild low back strain with improve much faster than chronic shoulder pain from a torn rotator cuff muscle for example). Your commitment to the healing process also plays a large factor in this equation.

8. Will I always have to maintain treatment?

Of course not. While many patients choose to continue with some degree of regular care to help the wear and tear of their busy lives to a minimum our philosophy has a deep foundation in education and self management. Our goal is to get you back to good health while also teaching you the what, why and how of your injury and giving you the tools to help keep yourself healthy in the long term.

9. Can I be treated if I’m pregnant?

Yes! Our doctors are very experienced in working with women going through pregnancy and helping correct and prevent the many musculoskeletal issues that arise while carrying to term. From simple back aches to pregnancy related sciatica we focus on effective treatments that keep both mom and baby safe and comfortable.

10. What if I don’t currently have an injury?

Then you are actually the ideal patient for conservative care. At its foundation chiropractic and most forms of conservative care are focused at prevention of injury and optimization of your system. Many of our patients choose to see us with the goal of improving athletic performance and helping them take care of the little things before they become the big things.

Our San Francisco CA and Walnut Creek CA chiropractic team at Premier Health Chiropractic is here to help you.  Please feel free to call us with any questions that you have.