Corporate Wellness Classes

Chiropractor San Francisco CA Dr. Nick Cruze Corporate Wellness

Has working from home got you stressed out? Have you and your team been feeling sore from that new work setup? Do you just feel plain stiff and tired? Our chiropractic team in San Francisco CA and in Walnut Creek CA has the resources to help you.

Dr. Cruze and Dr. Lutz have teamed up to offer virtual classes to get those bodies moving. These Stretch and Release Classes have a therapeutic effect on those sore and stiff muscles that you have developed while working from home. We know this has been a difficult time to get in proper exercise, to have great ergonomics, and to be at optimum health.

Why Try Our Corporate Wellness Classes?

Movement is the key to reducing pain. A body that moves well, is a body that feels well. Your mobility, stability, and strength are the key to getting you pain-free and feeling your best. During these classes, we take any problem areas you might be having and get them moving through a variety of stretches and releases that we guide you through. This is not your everyday stretch class, we dive into individual muscles you may not even know you have and free them of restriction. Using tools in your home such as towels, tennis balls, and more we can educate you on the art of self-release. Although not as effective as in-office release by one of our doctors, these movements will help get you through working at home and even returning back to work.

Working through anything from pain in the neck, shoulder, hip, low back, to strengthening the core, the low back muscles, and even your feet, these classes are here to relieve you of soreness and relax the stress you may be under.

The classes are offered in packages of 4 scheduled classes where we will address all of the above topics and any other problems you might have. The reviews so far have been incredible and each team has nothing but good things to say about the classes. They have been regarded as “helpful”, “relaxing”, “educational”, and more!

To book call either office at their number below or schedule online using our portal at the top of this page. Now with a 25% off Shelter In Place (SIP) discount.