TPI Breakdown: Loss of Posture

TPI Breakdonw: Loss of Posture in San Francisco

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Throughout the golf swing we should (for the most part) retain the original set-up angles of the body. Loss of posture occurs when we fail at this and affects balance swing rhythm and timing as well as overall balance and often results in a left hook or right block (if your a righty). Although many players will have the occasional “perfect shot” the overall game will be fairly inconsistent because of the need to use timing based corrections to square the club face for impact. If you are interested in improving your golf game, contact our San Francisco chiropractors today or read on below.

Underlying Causes for Loss of Posture

Many of the underling causes of loss of posture related to underlying limitations in mobility/flexibility of the upper and lower body or a lack of stabilization of the core. Using the TPI screening process we use tests such as the Overhead Deep Squat, Toe Touch, Rotation tests, and Lat tests among others to hone in on your specific needs.

From there we are able to help you build a plan of action including home care, chiropractic adjustments, Active Release Technique and leading edge physical therapy modalities to elevate your game.
Interested in learning more about the TPI screen or how our approach can help you elevate your golf game? Check out one of our other articles about the S or C curve postures for golf setup or one of the articles about our care. Want to jump right in and get to work? You can schedule an appointment through our portal here.