What is Active Release Technique?

“What is Active Release Technique? I thought you guys were Chiropractors?”

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Yes, we are Chiropractors. We treat and diagnose musculoskeletal conditions from sprain and strains to neuropathies. Most people think Chiropractors in San Francisco simply adjust and leave it as is. We have a different approach.

The “cracking” sound coming out of the spine is a gaseous release within the fluids of the joints. If the joint at hand is restricted and fixated, an adjustment is a very helpful way to add movement into the area. However, what if the pain is coming from a set of muscles or fascia stuck on some nerves? The adjustment will most likely not help with this. Thankfully, Dr. Leahey and the ART instructors help Chiropractors, PT’s, and CMT’s to learn the specific steps in properly releasing muscles and fascia from those impinged and inflamed nerves.

All of our Chiropractors here at Premier Health Chiropractic are Active Release Techniques certified. This means that if your spine needs adjusting or if your muscles need some releasing we have your back!