The TPI Screen

The TPI Screen In San Francisco

Chiropractic San Francisco CA Golfing

The TPI screen is a way of evaluating a golfer’s movements and physical capabilities to break down their golf swing into the individual components. This allows us to effectively discover the hows and whys of their swing limitations.

As a TPI certified professional, our San Francisco chiropractor Dr. Bailey, uses the screen to break down if your biggest swing characteristics need more practice or if what you’re trying to fix in your bodies ability to perform. Put more simply is your flawed swing a skill issue or a physical limitation? Taking this information we are able to integrate physical therapy modalities, chiropractic adjustments and mobility/stability exercises to get your body moving the way that it needs to to get you hitting further and swinging longer.

Not a golfer? Play tennis or baseball instead? The fundamentals of the TPI screen are discovering how your mobile joints and stable segments interact and can be applied across many activities-Especially rotary sports.

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