Golf Posture: The S-Curve Epidemic

Golf Posture: The S-Curve Epidemic

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Ever finish round and feel that lingering tightness through your lower back? How about making it half way through a round of 18 and starting to feel that sharp discomfort during your swing? If you’ve experienced something like either of these then your problem may have a foundation on your setup posture. Contact our San Francisco chiropractors to learn more or read on below.

The S-Curve posture refers to a setup posture adopted by 25% of golfers characterized by overextending the low back (too much arch) and increases the workload of the low back muscles while also turning off the core muscles. This combination will commonly result in a loss of posture throughout the swing including adaptation of what is referred to as Reverse Spine Angle (one of the leading causes of golf related low back pain).

What causes S-Curve Posture? The most common physical cause of this posture is what we commonly refer to as Lower Cross Syndrome. Lower Cross is simply put a description of muscle imbalances (overly tight hip flexors and low back and inhibited/weak glute and core muscles) relating to the core and pelvis that results in a forward tilt of the pelvis and overarching of the lower back. We commonly associate Lower Cross with jobs that demand prolonged periods of sitting.

How do we fix S-Posture?

At Premier Health Chiropractic we start fixing S-Posture with a TPI Screen which identifies the underlying cause of this common setup problem. From there we use a combination of rehab exercises, Active Release Therapy, Chiropractic adjustments and movement pattern training to correct the root cause of the posture and get you back on the​ links as a better, safer golfer.

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