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Cupping And Low Back Pain

Chiropractic San Francisco CA Cupping

Cupping and Low Back Pain in San Francisco Cupping is an ancient Chinese modality that uses glass, ceramic, plastic or bamboo cups on the skin to create suction in a specific area. It can be applied to different areas of the body including, over the lungs, along energy meridians and even soft tissue to increase…

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TPI Breakdown: Loss of Posture

Chiropractic San Francisco CA Golfing

TPI Breakdonw: Loss of Posture in San Francisco Throughout the golf swing we should (for the most part) retain the original set-up angles of the body. Loss of posture occurs when we fail at this and affects balance swing rhythm and timing as well as overall balance and often results in a left hook or…

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Swimmer’s Shoulder

Chiropractic San Francisco CA Shoulder Pain

Swimmer’s Shoulder in San Francisco In a nutshell swimmer’s shoulder is damage to the shoulder capsule. This can be the muscular capsule (Rotator cuff muscles or tendons) or the joint capsule (glenohumeral ligaments or labrum). Swimmers shoulders can also be acquired from volleyball, baseball, softball, bench press or any other overhead activity. Often times this…

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Golf Posture: The Slumpy C-Posture

Chiropractic San Francisco CA Golf Ball

Golf Posture: The Slumpy C-Posture Well if S-Posture is all about what’s going on with the lower back and hips at setup then C-Posture is all about what happens in the upper back and shoulders. C-Posture describes a setup position where the back is overly rounded and the shoulders are slumped forward resulting in a…

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Chiropractic Care for Arthritis

Chiropractic San Francisco CA Arthritis

Chiropractic Care For Arthritis in San Francisco What is Arthritis and what causes it? Arthritis is When the cartilage, the cushioning surface on the ends of bones, wears away causing the bone to rub against bone, which will subsequently cause swelling and stiffness. Throughout time, our cartilage between joints will deteriorate and arthritis is inevitable…

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Thoracic Spine Mobility

Chiropractic San Francisco CA Woman Doing Yoga

Importance of Thoracic Spine Mobility Feeling stiff when you are throwing a ball? Can’t bring your arm back behind your head? Having trouble turning your body side to side? These are common symptoms an individual has when their thoracic spine is immobile. A decrease in thoracic spine mobility and poor posture can lead to improper…

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Kinesiology Taping In San Francisco

Chiropractor San Francisco CA Dr. Nick Cruze Performance Taping

Kinesiology Taping in San Francisco You may have seen the Kinesiology tape that many athletes wear while competing. Kerry Walsh Jennings put this type of athletic taping into focus during the Olympics in the early 2000’s. Kinesio-Tape, (KT) allows an athlete to receive some stability (strength) help form the tape while continuing to move the…

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Golf Posture: The S-Curve Epidemic

Chiropractic San Francisco CA Chiropractic For Golf

Golf Posture: The S-Curve Epidemic Ever finish round and feel that lingering tightness through your lower back? How about making it half way through a round of 18 and starting to feel that sharp discomfort during your swing? If you’ve experienced something like either of these then your problem may have a foundation on your…

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Recovery with Marc Pro

Chiropractic San Francisco CA Weight Lifting

Recovery with Marc Pro In San Francisco Every Triathlete, Marathon runner, Crossfitter, Body Builder, Rock Climber or all around fitness junky has had sore shoulders or sore legs which we call DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) following a big work out. How do you relieve DOMS? You need to move the tissues (muscles and connective…

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